• Footurama Tara Basro

Just a few days after the launch party of their latest Footurama Freeform Fabrication collection, one of the oldest sneaker community and online media based in Jakarta, Footurama decided to refresh their site with an exclusive interview, this time around featuring young Indonesian actress known as Tara Basro. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her career, she is popularly known for her role in the Mo Brothers’ film called Killers which released back in 2014, The Right One also released in 2014, plus Catatan (Harian) si Boy back in 2011. Aside from it, she is a star on the rise and a woman of many intersts, from fashon to martial arts, and sports. Today through the exclusive interview by Footurama, she answers few questions regarding her career in TV sitcom and film industry, favorite sneakers and things that she would buy, the neighborhood that she represents, things hat she love the most, to her must have wardrobe staples. For those who of you who are curious for her answers, feel free to read the entire interview via several links that we placed above.

Footurama is an independent lifestyle community that acts as a curator and link between people’s personal sartorial past, present and future. Founded in 2003 as dedicated sneaker aficionados and a street wear brand that evolved into an online magazine, Footurama has morphed into a connector between buyers and sellers of fashion articles, accessories, and a whole host of other unique items. Utilizing strategically placed physical stores and a well­maintained website, Footurama continues to support the local creative community by providing an outlet for ideas and tastes to merge. Throughout the site, you can find several collection from well-known international brands, such as Supreme, Undercover, Nike, Opening Ceremony, Palladium, A.P.C, adidas, Red Wing, visvim, Burkman Bros, Joyrich, Bleu de Paname, Sophnet, P.A.M, WTaps, YMC, Converse, Barbour, Puma, XLarge, Stussy, Undefeated, Fingercross, Muji, Cambridge, and many more.

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