After becoming part of the Indonesian music industry for more than two decades, the rock genre band /rif recently announced their comeback with a new single called “Turn Off The Light”. According to them, this single is part of their upcoming 9th album that was recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London. Along with their success, Andy who is the lead vocalist for the band, further stated, “We had many memorable experience while visiting England. Despite having ten songs for the album, we are only managed to record eight songs. It is because we have this kind principle where everything has to be perfect and sets to our mood. If its ok then it will be ok. We do not want to force ourself.” While their latest single “Turn Off The Light” is unarguably the perfect anthem to represent their upcoming album. The energy is infinite and it started with a typical distortion, that is very energetic yet with a different sound of voice from Andy. The lyrics are simple and powerful, remind us into the glory of rock music that was existed in the 80s to 90s. To whoever listen to this latest single by /rif, they would definitely get excited. Furthermore, those who live in Canada and went to the Canadian Music Week had a chance to be the first audience to listen to this single. While those of you live in Indonesia have your chance now to listen to the entire song of “Turn Off The Light” via the official lyric video above. If you have additional time, you could also watch the entire hearing session clip featuring few local musicians and music editors such as Aryo Wahab, Surendro Prasetyo or Yoyo Padi, Ricky Siahaan of Seringai, Ari Lasso, Momo Geisha, Yukie PAS Band, Adib Hidayat or Rolling Stone Indonesia, Otong KOIL, and many more.

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