Agoda Indonesia Kawan Kawan

One of Asia’s leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group known as Agoda launches “Kawan-Kawan”, a specially tailored holiday referral program for its Indonesia-based customers. This program is currently running active until August 31st 2015. The program itself was launched June 1st 2015 to an intrigued response from recipients. The “help your friend to a free holiday” concept is meant to engage with modern society influencers whom mostly are users of ever-so-strong social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path, among others. The initial bookers stand a chance to win free hotel rooms once they are able to get 5 more confirmed bookings by their family members, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The bookings are tracked by a special code that must be redeemed upon confirming reservations.

Technically, customers are required to book hotel rooms on to get their unique promotion code that will be received by email. Each customer then will share the unique code to as many friends and encourage the others to make a similar booking and redeem the particular code to get 5% off the rates. Once 5 hotel bookings which lead into 5 hotel stays are completed, the first booker will be notified to claim their prize of free night stays. Agoda keeps on monitoring and informing the original booker on the progress of their personal code redemption every time transaction occurs. That way, first booker is kept in the loop on how many more booking redemptions to go that stands in between him or her and the free stay prize. Furthermore, first booker will get the excitement on getting to know how likely their friends are eager to help them to claim the prize and how big of a social influencer they really are within their online social circles. Details are explained elaborately here.

“Kawan-Kawan” is a specially tailored program from Agoda this summer to grab the peak interest from millions Indonesian customers during the peak holiday season as both school and Ied holiday are just around the corner. With the biggest domestic travel movement period, June to August is the perfect time for Agoda to seize opportunity in one of South East Asia’s largest market where domestic travel triumphs. Not to mention the company seven years existence in the market has allowed the company to build its legion of loyal repeating bookers within Indonesia. “Kawan-Kawan” is one of many tailored promotions to launch in the future for Indonesia.

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