For Muslims, Ramadan is the most blessed and spiritually beneficial month of the Islamic calendar and receives a heartfelt welcome all throughout the world, with Muslim believers entering a holy period of spiritual reflection and purification. Last weekend, the most popular and consume product in Indonesia known as Danone AQUA presented their latest campaign called AQUA242 in order to welcome the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. This campaign is made to educate the people in Indonesia and how maintain the water balance in their body, which is important to note in order to avoid dehydration during fasting, where is the opportunity to eat and drink has been limited. By running the pattern of drinking 2 + 4 + 2, people will still have as much water as two liters or eight glasses per day. This is upon the suggestion of the Ministry of Health, to replace lost fluids during your fasting season. Doctor Jack Pradono Handojo who is the Health Marketing Director of Danone AQUA also mentioned, “When your body have water shortage, it is necessary to change the pattern of drinking. Even experts recommend to apply new drinking patterns such as by 242. Namely by drinking two glasses of water when breaking, four glasses at dinner, and two cups at dawn.”

In addition to Jack, Danone AQUA also presented a specialist or nutritionist from Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia known as Docter Sri Sukmaniah MSc, SpGK and well known presenter and brand ambassador of Danone AQUA Ferdi Hasan. Sri further explained that although we are fasting but the amount of water released by the body will be the same, as when we are not fasting. Thus, the incoming fluid intake should remain the same, as has been recommended as much as two liters or equivalent to eight glasses per day. For your quick information, AQUA242 campaign was previously introduced by AQUA on 2014, and their brand ambassador Ferdi Hasan admitted that, after applying the drinking patterns of 242, he and the family felt tremendous benefit. He stated that, “After applying the drinking patterns, it can facilitate my family and I to stay hydrated. So although it was fasting, I can stay focused and move well.” For more information about this newest campaign from Danone AQUA feel free to visit their official site here.

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