Born as Karmela Mudayatri Herradura Kartodirdjo on April 2nd 1985, the beautiful singer-songwriter from Indonesia better known as Lala Karmela recently presented her latest single called “A Night to Remember”. This new single is written and composed by Lala and her love partner Petra Joshua Sihombing who is also known as a pop singer. Aside from those couple, the song is also co-produced by Widi Puradiredja of Maliq & D’Essentials. While the song itself has a lil bit of techno influence, jazzy sounds, and easy to nod beats. Somehow it reminds us to few catchy songs from international artists, like Daft Punk to Junior Senior. Moreover, the cool beats and solid rhythm guitar sound that fills every part of the song gives us the impression of how to have fun and having a quality time with your partner. For more information about Lala Karmela and her latest single “A Night to Remember”, feel free to visit the official site of Sinjitos Records or simply visit her official Twitter account. To download her latest single, you can also visit iTunes digital store.

Sinjitos Records is a music label that established by a bunch of people with similar vision of offering eclecticism and variety into the saturated Indonesian music scene. It was started as an outlet to release the music by Sinjitos Studio regulars before finally evolving into a legitimate label in 2007. Unlike many labels that limited themselves on releasing music within a specified genre, they are keen on releasing good music with variety of sound and style. They are also distri​buting many releases by other labels along with the ones from their own artists as well. For such a young label, Sinjitos Records has some of the most impressive releases in recent years among its roster. Its first release, Gugun And The Bluesbug’s “Turn In On” is well-r​eceived among critics and music fans, and listed as one of the best local releases in 2007 by Rolling Stone Indonesia. In only two day after its release, Santam​onica’s “Curiouser and Curiouser” is nominated as The Best Local Release by Free! Magazine and listed as one of the favorites by editors of Trax Magazine as well as one of the best album in 2008 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

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