Far Away Stables Indonesian Tour 2015

From the Central Java based clothing label known as Annabel Souls recently announced the upcoming Far Away Stables Indonesian Tour on September 2015. The alternative rock band who originally came from Australia had previously doing concerts through various countries during the last three years, including the United States and Canada for SXSW or South by Southwest, Canadian Music Week, and many more. Far Away Stables itself is playing their genre of rock and has been holding several tour in Australia and the United States. The band consists of Tim Byles, Mitchell Grace as guitarist, Brendan Sheargold as vocalist, Nick Palmer as guitarist, and Cam Bury as the drummer. They will present their first tour in Indonesia on the upcoming month of September 2015 presented by local clothing label known as Annabel Souls. For the Indonesia tour, the official committee will also present several local bands including Revenge The Fate, Distruggere, FSTVLST, Good Morning Everyone, Kudabesi, and several other bands to enliven the event. Far Away Stables Indonesian Tour will take place several big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Kebumen, Yogyakarta, and Bali. For more information on the tour or how to purchase the ticket, feel free to visit the official site of Annabel Souls or simply follow them through their official Instagram account.

Annabel Souls is a clothing line from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The clothing brand has established since August 1th 2011 at Yogyakarta with passion and hope to promote the fashion industry in the world. For the beginning of 2014, they designed a product which rely more focus in the article apparel that consumers demand and expect to be competitive in the marketplace. Every product from them, they design with a mature concept and materials that they use the best quality materials of choice. Every year, they put out three editions of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with the concept that varies according to the edition. To add the good story, they are now available in Australia through several stockists from West to East coast. They recently released their latest collection for fall and winter 2014 and 2015 with “Dreams and Future” them. This collection draws its inspiration from the street and recent streetwear culture across the globe, while the graphic remains local. For its products, they offer certain menswear staples such as graphic t-shirts, pom pom beanies, leather belt, long sleeve t-shirts, printed shirts, and sweatshirts. All of those are available in certain sizes with great fit. For those of you who would like to see more from them feel free to visit their social media account. To see their latest collection “Dreams and Future” just go ahead and visit their official site.

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