In the occasion of our Nation’s 70th Independence Day,
Creme Musik initiate to create a mixtape from the local scene.

Happy Independence Day!

Here’s the list:

1. Matter Halo – Sound Of Take Off
2. Lilis Suryani – Pada Paduka
3. White Shoes & The Couple Company – Kisah Dari Selatan Jakarta
4. The Trees And The Wild – Fight The Future
5. Tulus – Satu Hari Di Bulan Juni
6. Geronimo VIII – Dunia Cinta
7. Lala – A Night To Remember
8. Rinni Wulandary – Oh Baby
9. Chrisye – Cintaku
10. Me – Inikah Cinta
11. Mocca – Secret Admirer
12. Sore – Karolina
13. Payung Teduh – Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan
14. The Trees And The Wild – Empati Tamako (live thewknd )

Enjoy & share it!

Creme Musik
Crème liberates the new world of music and mixes establishment.
Let the music defines you.


Tujubelas Mixtape by Creme Musik
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