Part of the global brand, Nike Philippines previously announced on early August 2015 that they will broadcast their newest project dubbed as “RISE” which will be both a documentary series and development program to seek some of the undiscovered basketball talents the country has to offer. Through a nation-wide search, the American sportswear company will search for both male and female aspiring basketball stars with try-outs to be held in several cities, such as Dagupan, Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Former Gilas Pilipinas head coach Chot Reyes and current Gilas assistant coach Jimmy Alapag will handle coaching duties and oversee the program. According to Patrick Reyes who is the Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines, he explained, “This RISE Philippines project will encourage and provide opportunities to everyday athletes to go beyond their comfort zone.” Twenty-four athletes will be selected from the try-outs and go through six weeks of technical, strength, and conditioning training while being mentored by Reyes, Alapag, and other unnamed coaches and international players. The selected athletes now have their on-going training at the state-of-the-art House of Rise, where they get to use advanced tools and equipment for a chance to improve their skills.

As it explained through the two new episodes, “Raise Your Game” and “Fight With Heart”, all of the talented athletes are now taking progress into their next level preparation. Some major players from both off and outside of the basketball court, such as Jimmy Alapag and Manny Pacquiaom, are also making their cameo and shared motivational speech during those two episodes. As for those who currently lives in Philippines, the entire project of RISE will be available on TV5 every Sunday while the documentary series or behind-the-scenes content will be available on broadcast via the official channel of Nike Basketball on YouTube. Assistant coach Jimmy Alapag who handle coaching duties further explained his concern, “It is really about work ethic that will help maximize the talent of the players.” While the former head coach Chot Reyes mentioned about the type of athletes they are looking for, “The best players are not the most skilled players. They are those that have something special in them, that have a plus factor.” For more information about RISE Philippines project by Nike Philippines, feel free to visit their official site via several links above. To watch the second and third episode “Raise Your Game” and “Fight With Heart”, please take a look at the videos above and below.

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