ALLURA Wanderlust Wearable Silk Art

What happens when three remarkable names gathered? A dashing collaboration indeed! A local brand created by Nasya Marissa as an accessories brand made with love in Indonesia known as ALLURA few days ago proudly announced their latest product dubbed as “Wanderlust”. This is their newest creation of wearable silk art collection that is part of collaboration with talented Talitha Maranila and Diera Bachir. It is inspired by the beauty of an adventure, a limited edition collection that is available starting this month September 2015. The first out of three chapters in this collection, “Pathless Sea” exemplifies the co-owner desire to discover. In this exquisite piece, she drew patchwork-like globe consists of animals, flowers and plants. These images are an interpretation of her desire to discover more, because she believes in no boundaries. The colorful design is an invitation to see the world in a different perspective, because as she said, “There is always something wonderful to see. It is just depends on how we see it.” Other chapters are to be launched later on this year. To find out more information about the collection, make sure you follow the official Instagram account of ALLURA, Talitha Maranila, and Diera Bachir. They believe that you will be as excited as they are.

“Wanderlust” the Wearable Silk Art collection is an interpretation of a mutual vision shared by the three collaborators as live to explore. Although all three are living their lives in different ways, they always strive to innovate, find new ideas, and discover new activities. Their desire to explore is what inspires them to share “Wanderlust” the Wearable Silk Art collection with you. “Wanderlust” can simply mean the desire to travel. However, this captivating collection aims to give you an inspiration to do more and embrace your desire to explore. The ideas were brought to life by the elegant drawing of beautiful, young, and talented illustrator Talitha Maranila, combined with the romantic style of Jakarta based photographer Diera Bachir, and the signature sweet taste by ALLURA. The exquisite three elements are then printed in 110 by 110 centimeter premium satin silk which you can purchase via pre-order system that is available during September first to 30th 2015. The item will be deliver on October 10th 2015. This collection is available exclusively at the official webstore of ALLURA. For more information about the “Wanderlust” the Wearable Silk Art collection feel free to visit their official site or follow their latest update on Instagram.

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