Indonesian actor and musician based in Jakarta by the name of Nurayendra Irwindo aka Winky Wiryawan recently updated his official YouTube channel with an official music video for “Pemburu”, the original soundtrack from his latest drama series called “Patriot”. This music soundtrack is created by the main cast, such as Aqi Singgih, Winky Wiryawan, and Maruli Tampubolon. It tells about about the universal meaning of hunting or being hunted. It also related with the mission of saving human lives among each other. While the drama series of “Patriot” is currently airing on the weekend for the brightest private television in Indonesia known as NET. TV. It offers a story about patriotism and humanism of Indonesian National Army and also focus on five special forces with their respective expertise in completing a mission, such as Colonel Tim Bayu played by Rizky Hanggono, Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Tim Guntur played by Verdy Bhawanta, Sergeant Lieutenant Jalu played by Winky Wiryawan, Sergeant Charles played by Maruli Tampubolon, and Sergeant Samuel played by Dallas Pratama. Aside from having a great cast, the drama series “Patriot” also has an interesting plot, from being very intense, to being sad, and happy. For more information about “Patriot” and its official music video, feel free to visit the official site of NET. TV.

PT. NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA or NET. TV is a television station network in Indonesia which was officially launched on the May 26th 2013. The tv network replace the terrestrial broadcast Spacetoon. It is also part of the business group of INDIKA GROUP. INDIKA name itself is an acronym for Industri Multimedia dan Informatika or simply translated as Multimedia and Information Industry. Currently, through PT. Indika Multimedia, INDIKA GROUP engaged in the Event Organizer, Promoter, Broadcast Equipment, Production House and Radio. In contrast to other tv show in Indonesia, NET. TV devoted their program to family and young viewers. Along with the development of information technology, PT. NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA was established in the spirit of that entertainment and information content in the future should be more connected, more socialized, more profound, more personal, and more easily accessed by people, anywhere and anytime. In addition to the terrestrial network, they also broadcast its content through other channels such as social networks and YouTube. The grand launching party for NET. TV was screened on May 26th 2013 and featured several local and international singers, such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Taio Cruz, Agnez Mo, Maudy Ayunda, Noah, Kahitna, Cherrybelle, Andien, Ungu, Reza Rahardian, Andi Rianto, and many more. On May 18th 2014, NET. TV celebrated their first anniversary and brought another line-up of international artists. They hope that their presence can be a source of inspiration for the people of Indonesia.

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