Just few days after releasing few music videos and singles by Indonesia pop band, local recording label based in Jakarta known as Musica Studio uploaded another music video for their artist, NOAH and their latest single called “Suara Pikiranku”. This music video is presented through the official YouTube channel of Musica Studio and directed by Dimas Djayadiningrat who is very well known for his directing skills and career. For your quick information, the fourth single “Suara Pikiranku” is part of their newest album called “Second Chance” which was release in February 2015. It is created by their vocalist and frontman Ariel and also known as part of their old album that featured pop solo artist Chrisye. While the music video for this newest single featured popular actor Adipati Dolmen and beautiful model Mentari De Marelle. As for the concept or story for this music video is not very clear. But certainly, you can find further information via the official website of NOAH. Aside from those facts, the band members also offer a very different musical compositions from their previous songs. This could be reinforced by hearing the guitar arrangement by Lukman and Uki. Without further information, please watch the official music video above.

NOAH officially established through a press conference held in Jakarta, to be precisely at Musica Studios on August 2th 2012. NOAH consists of five members, namely Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza and David. NOAH is defined as long life, giver of tranquility. Previously Ariel, Uki, Reza and Lukman are together using the name Peterpan, along with two former members namely Andika and Indra. According to the agreement with the two former members, Ariel, Uki, Lukman and Reza are no longer have the right to use the name Peterpan after their album “Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita”. The first album that was released under the band name NOAH was “Seperti Seharusnya”. It contains contains 10 tracks with the first single “Separuh Aku”. The video was released on streaming site YouTube channel and has managed a total audience of approximately 2 million viewers within 4 weeks. Later on, NOAH officially appoint David as one of their band members in order to add more color to their music. While for the launching album for “Seperti Seharusnya” is held in the very unusual way, as they decided to hold concerts in five different countries within 24 hours. The selected countries are Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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