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ZEVIN, known as one of the Indonesian premium shoe brands based in Jakarta, is presenting its new collection this month. The new collection has been inspired from their previous collection which featured classic design in order to emphasize the classy image. Two of their new collections are the improved, latest generation of Tern and Boatbill. There is also new design for boots named Starling with a classic and simple design that will give a classy impression for their customer. The brand only uses the finest materials blended with the modern style and classic technique of shoe making. With new shoelast applied for Tern, creating much more perfect shape. Combined Pull up leather in dark brown color way and their signature light sole made its own statement of classiness. For those who are keen on spending money to purchase boat shoes, ZEVIN just launched their second generation of Boatbill which is redeveloped with new shoelast and making the design more sleek. While still using commando rubber sole and comes with maroon top grain leather, the Boatbill looks really rough yet classy. Last but not least is their new split toe boots called Starling. The strong appealing design and the leather makes this split toe boots looks really classic and made to develop a natural patina with time. The premium, classy, urban, and detail oriented shoes is now exclusively launching at Brightspot Market Street Fair in Senayan City, Jakarta. Please visit their official site to get more detailed information about their new collection for September 2015. You could also follow their official Instagram account for the latest update.

ZEVIN is a casual shoe-ware manufacturer for men focused on providing the best quality shoes suitable for urban lifestyle. Maintaining and improving quality by using the finest materials and hand crafted by artisans is how they deliver their first class products. The unique custom eyelets are how they add personal touch for their customers. Packaging it with classy shoe box and delivering it to you is how they fulfill their brand’s promise as a lifestyle breakthrough. The Jakarta based brand has created epic models of shoeware by using the top leather, each were chosen under scrutinized quality control and lavished with tremendously detailed needlework. This high level of detail can only be done by man and never by machine. Every stage of the production process is never left out of focus by the professionals who offer their best expertise. All of these are blended in to one combination and altogether transforms the final product into a valuable masterpiece, ready for you to wear. ZEVIN comes with its impeccable choice of leather for the shoes, classy packaging box, and classic way of making leather shoes which ensures the highest quality products to leave the assembly line. Their products are named after bird names with which they share the freedom to soar highly to unknown places with strength and lightness. The brand aspires to be a part of individuals who thrive for free-spirited and high quality life. They also understands a good life is a life full of zest, risks and adventures that grow an individual into an elevated human being and takes the core of that value into the high quality shoes. Along with the spirit of development and growth of its customers, ZEVIN continuously develops new products and designs which break through the standard norms of footwear.

ZEVIN Introduces New Selection of Footwear for September 2015 with New Tern, Boatbill and Split Toe Boots of Starling
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