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If you think Indonesian local brands bazaar is getting boring these days, we couldn’t agree more. It’s everywhere, held almost every week at different places and they didn’t show us anything new. It’s getting more like a traditional bazaar, where brands sells cheap stuff, poor quality product with high price and other annoying experiences. The largest denim exhibition in Southeast Asia, Wall of Fades which more or less tapped into that segment is the last big event we attended on our 2015 agenda and we just think, well, it must be the same.

But things turned out very well, the INDIGO team seemed to have a good strategy to generate their 7’th exhibition. We can see by how many people that were attend and lots of products that sold within those 3 days event. The youngster seemed to be missed Wall of Fades so much this year. So we just think if there’s one fashion events that never disappoints is, it must be Wall of Fades, the largest denim exhibition in Indonesia where many leading brands of Indonesia’s denim and independent street-wear designers shows their best and latest collections. Here, we catch up with the likes of Bluesville, VOYEJ, AYE! Denim, Oldblue Co, and many more.

With the current theme “Jeans All Around The World”, Wall of Fades has brought many types of denim from various country such as Japan, Canada, France, Indonesia and more to their exhibition. This event has it purpose to educate people more about denim, not only buying a good-looking pair of jeans, but how they should treat it, recognize the material, the stitches and many more. So at the first step inside, there are so many jeans hanged around the exhibition area, along with the educational board about jeans and their newest content “Denim Girls”. The festivities are livened by music performance by Kimokal, Artificial, Ben Sihombing and Sagofa. The only thing that was odd on Wall of Fades 2015 was the selection of the food and beverages, we only saw 3 small tenants there which only served drinks, no food, so it’s no go for those who expected to attend a one-stop bazaar experiences. We just hope, Wall of Fades will be getting bigger and serious next year, in the end we still found the label “Largest Denim Exhibition in Southeast Asia” didn’t really fit them very well, too heavy to be putted in their slogan. It’s not only how big the area of the event or the participants but how good they deliver the content of “The Largest Denim Exhibition in Southeast Asia”. Let us know your comment through the comment below.

#NEIGHBOURGUIDE: Wall of Fades 2015 - Was It Good Enough?
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