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Machosme releases their first collection of leather goods and accessories just in time when we just lost our brand new Alfamart’s Tokai lighter. This Jakarta-based brand focuses on making leather goods to supplies gentlemen needs in order to look dapper and tougher.

Machosme adds a fashionable element to your lighter with its new “Macho Alfa” lighter case. Made from thick leather, the piece features embossed brand’s logo. They also put a hook on its design to make sure the lighter’s belong to those who own it. Designed to fit snug as the leather will stretch slightly over time, the natural leather will also darken and age quickly. The next time you get tokaid, you’ll have no problem staking your claim as to which lighter is yours. Cop over at Machosme for IDR 85.000,-

Introducing: Machosme As A Gentleman Leather Supplies
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