Ferma Leather Strap as one of the local brands that concentrate on making camera’s straps is very positive with their built quality. By offering a lifetime warranty, it shows how confidence they are with their products and craftman. Ranging from leather to cord material in building their finest straps, it is entertain enough in design and comfortable for taking pictures in a pretty long time.

Ferma Leather strap provides body, neck, and wrist straps to give many choices for Ferma’s customers to choose which strap is needed by them. It is also possible to make custom order by putting your name on your lovely strap. Recently, they also try to make t-shirt and other leather goods such as keychain, belt and wallet as the complement for your journey. For more products info, please visit their website and stay tuned on their feed.

Ferma Leather Strap: The Finest Straps Maker
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