Get the opportunity to visit one of the Middle East Restaurants, Yalla, which Located at Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII no 55A was an extraordinary experience. Even it is a pretty fresh restaurant that just started this culinary business last year, Yalla knows it so well how to run this business and realize what are the food lovers seeking of. Put Middle East interior with some ornaments are very smart idea to give a pinch of exclusive together with bring the pleasant ambience.

The nice atmosphere was definitely there, but it will be more perfect if the music were mingled with the mood that the ornaments try to create. Otherwise, the food in Yalla which is dominated with lamb gives a very well taste and comes with affordable price that starts from IDR 30.000 for the appetizer up to 80.000 for the main courses. For the recommendation, Grilled Ottoman Lamb and Lebanese Grilled Lamb are their signature dishes and other Turkish menus such as Yalla Lamb Fried Rice, Muhammara that you have to try.

For drinks, we recommend Seasonal Fruit Lassi that freshly made from the freshest fruit in season. We’re totally in love with the size of the place though it is pretty small. While waiting for the food, you are fully invited to the second floor to look around on the curated local store, Stockroom. For more info, stay tuned on their feed.

#NEIGHBOUREAT at Yalla: A Must Visit Little Middle East Restaurant in Kemang
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