With numerous trials and errors to achieve the high standard that the brand has set, PMP Denim starts this Spring/Summer 2016 season with some texture play and a dry distressed wash denim look for their shirts and pants. Making a wider experience for its consumer, PMP also experimented in a new kind of dyeing method for is non-denim pieces including the new cargo shorts and mid-weight field parka.
PMP is going with a different drive this season with a collegiate theme as their main graphic concept, using reverse weave, high equality zipper, and many other unique details. As the uprising trend of headwear is at its peak, PMP is also showing off their twill material baseball cap, bucket hats, and to top it off, a discharge printed cotton bandanas.
Check out the full PMP Denim SS16 Collection here or drop by their selected stores listed here.

PMP Denim Introduces Collegiate Theme - SS16 Collection
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