HAPPA is a signature ready-to-wear brand established by two long-living best friends, Mel Ahyar – a proud young couturier – and Andien – a renowned singer and fashion darling. They created HAPPA which means ‘mixed culture’ in order to fuse what is current in Asian fashion and today’s global trend. Andien and Mel would like to show the world that fashion does not always have to be glamorous, but it can also be playful, contemporary and whimsical all at once.

That’s what they portrayed through each one of their collections, including the Fall/Winter 2016: Lady Lama. Within this collection, lies a series of scarf with unique patterns and color. Happa believes that every color defines one’s beautiful identity, hence the many choices of color in their scarf. Not to mention that they offer visually outstanding motif and patterns within it as well. Take a closer look to Lady Lama by visiting their webstore or simply through their official Instagram account here.

Happa Presents F/W 2016 Collection: Lady Lama
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