Considering “structure” as their magic word, POLA was started by a group of people back in 2014 whose thrill lies between stationery and its design – scrutinizing over book bindings, brushing foiled emboss on prints with their fingers, while at the same time sniffing the freshly printed ink on textured paper. POLA believes that for years, human civilization has been built upon functional structure, concluding the fact that a good work, indeed, is a blend of well built structure juxtaposed with purposeful drive.

This design studio offers a variety of stationeries, printed goods and invitations with doors open to patrons and print enthusiasts. They craft each of their customer’s requests from scratch, leaving their signature touch of well built structure. Ready-to-use product lines are available for purchase, too, so you might want to visit their Instagram account to know more.

Pola Artistry Offers Stationeries with Well-Built Structure
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