In making classic men’s wear, Sauvages wants to concentrate on making upper clothing limited on long sleeve shirt and t-shirt to be the best on their field. Tailored with passion and dedication make them understand which will be fit perfectly and could be attire in everyone. In term of making the combination of their products, differentiating one and another material is a pretty common technique to use to give variety choices on the goods, which also applied to them. Using the linen, cotton, canvas, and corduroy are pretty acceptable and unique at the same time. Hopefully, Sauvages is able to compete with other brands as the result of giving the affordable price.

Providing daily apparel based on the old moto culture and adopt it into a rugged menswear design is a very smooth move by Sauvages. Don’t be afraid to be rugged because it can show who you really are. For more products, stay tuned to their feed.

Sauvages presents Rugged Menswear in 2016
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