Jack Daniel’s has a very pleasant surprise in honoring Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2016. It indulges its guest with a special mix of cocktail fused with Jack Daniel’s own signature. The recipe changes every day the event smooth through. Take a closer look at the exclusive recipe made by Jack Daniel’s for Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2016.

1. Prince Of Wales

45ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
30ml Apple juice
10ml Cinnamon Syrup
1 dash Cinnamon Powder

Mix up the whiskey with some flavory goods, the hint of apple juice and cinnamon syrup will add a sugary experience following a strong taste from the cinnamon powder. Your tough will indulge a powerful suite of liquor yet a sweet taste from the tip of your tongue.

2. Pin Stripe

60ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
15ml Calamansi Juice
5gr Kafir Lime Leaf
5ml Screwpine Juice

Jack Daniel’s sweet flavor of it’s Tennessee Honey shot and add a coalition of the sour lemonade taste of Calamansi juice with the sweet juice of Screwpine. The intangible Kafir Lime leaf would add true character to the cocktail mix.

3. Paisley

30ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
30ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
60ml Grapefruit Juice
10ml Honey

Mix the bold and the sweet, Jack Daniel’s will turn it into the cocktail of the party. As the name allows, the taste would have a distinctive intricate pattern in your mouth. The natural honey added would certainly give a conjured pleasantness.

4. Hounds Tooth

45ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
10ml Lemon Juice
20ml Chocolate Syrup
20ml Grape Juice

End your day with a fun taste with this Hounds Tooth cocktail recipe. Stir up the juice with some chocolate syrup to gave that unique flavor combination. The taste will relish all your worn-out self, giving all the energy you need for the night.

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