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Confidence is key in being a gentleman and what holds more power than the style of your hair? UBERSUAVE Hair Wax and UBERSUAVE Hair Pomade, now available on More by Morello, has the natural grip to put your fresh hairstyle in place. The All Natural Confidence™ gives a perfect sense of pride in guys beyond their appearance.

UBERSUAVE Hair Wax works perfectly for any textured and contemporary quiff hairstyles as it has an extreme hold and a perfect matte finish. The blend of hydrogenated beeswax and fragrances, free from parabens and nasty chemicals, added that natural value, complemented with the soothing Lilac Floral scent. It’s easy to clean too as UBERSUAVE Hair Wax is waterbased.

For the high and tight – difficult to control – hairstyle, UBERSUAVE Hair Pomade reserves it’s right. The natural shine finish from the hydrogenated beeswax and fragrance can be easily applied and comb through. Also clean from any parabens and nasty chemicals, UBERSUAVE Hair Pomade comes with the infamous Cherry Grape scent to top of this all natural pomade.

Grab it straight away on More by Morello just by clicking the picture below.

UBERSUAVE Now Available via More by Morello
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