Japan inspired footwear brand WAKAI is back with a new take on the daily lifestyle. The brand that also runs under Metrox Group, a lifestyle retail group that embodies large variety of curated brands, comes with an idea of fusing Wakai’s basic characteristics with the addition of high quality upper material and removable yet flexible cork insole.

The silhouette is called Hashigo, introduced as Wakai basic 2.0. As the sneakers, it’s known for being extra light weight – brings together Wakai’s features for optimized comfort which seen on the new technology of rubber outsole that it applies. These dynamic slip-ons are currently available in 5 variety of bright colors to fit everyone’s daily style and in near time it will launch even more colors and patterns. It is now on sale for IDR 549.000 to IDR 569.000 and you can visit Wakai’s feed to see more of this fall collection.


About Wakai

WAKAI ライフスタイル (pronounced “Wakai Raifustairu) derives from the Japanese word of “Young Lifestyle”.

This brand is born to satiate the lifestyle of the young dynamic spirited individuals. Wakai creates lifestyle products that are carefully crafted with passion and dedication in the fused of Japanese inspiration. The product embodies the modern look combines with the Japanese culture heritage. In each of the pieces made, every little detail tells a story. This unique combination aims to bring a very interesting inspiration the fashion industry. And sought for a consistent expansion to the market around the world. Wakai products range from footwear, accessories and apparels create as a complete lifestyle concept. The spirit of Waka defines by five letter S-M-A-R-T: Sport, Music, Art, Retail and Technology as the spade of the collections, activities and brand identity. Wakai defines its sphere as a dynamic, stylish and comfortable fashion pieces. As the launch of the brand, Wakai is looking forward to deliver its innovation and inspire the retail scene globally with its pieces.

Wakai Returns with Fall Series HASHIGO
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