Known for the wide range of products being provided in their online webstore, More by Morello comes back with a new idea of providing fashion and footwear essentials to your shopping list. Some of these products includes pieces from Douj, Takeo and Andrrows.

Döuj protect is a Water-Repellent Pump Spray made from Nanotechnology Super Hydrophobic, the revolution of Mirror Molecule. It creates the invincible coating that can protect your shoes from liquid, water, and even fungi. On the other side, Takeo focuses its main concern on creating a better garment maintenance habit, and it works best with denim. Last but not least, Andrrows – the first local premium shoe cleaner – that is made from natural, eco-friendly ingredients, has the sole objective to protect shoes material and preserve environment from potentially harmful cleaning substances. So, which essentials do you think you need most? Purchase here.

MORE by MORELLO Adds Fashion & Footwear Essentials to List
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