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Keeping that gentleman’s quarters with a hush of urban style, Zevin makes it simpler for men to possess a go-to shoe with simplicity and class in its design. Balancing the full leather game with the urban spirit, Zevin published 4 new gears namely; Gannet, Jaeger, Quetzal and a new line of Takahe sandals. Each footgear expresses a hustler through urban vibe with a hint of a luxurious feel which portrays Zevin’s bona fide character as a brand for youthful spirits.

For the price of IDR 849.000 to 1.599.000, Zevin shoes can be found in The Goods Dept, Monstore, Stow Store or snatch the gear directly at their web store here.

Zevin Shoes: A Gentleman's Quarters with a Hush of Urban Style
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