With all the mixes and changes, Lucy In The Sky has revamped its place to again be the perfect oasis among the concrete skyscraper jungle. Challenging its concept from a nightlife paradise to an even higher height, Lucy In The Sky is now all about the rich tropical bohemian experience.

The new glass house frame offers an astounding panoramic view of Jakarta’s skyline, perfect for a sunset dine with friends, family and lovers. The place has that fresh vibe of a new hip culture that only Lucy In The Sky can offer. It opted for an abundance of planted terraces dominated by tropical vegetation to prompt a relaxing vacation sensation. So by the next time you plan to visit Lucy In The Sky, let’s just forget about the booze and the dance for a second, it’s really the time to enjoy Lucy In The Sky’s exquisite culinary choices.


The mouthwatering dining selection is served upon various assortments to comply the homey vibe of the proclaimed Lucy In The Sky. Vivid colors come to play with bold patterns and definitely a lot of greeneries to bring the eclecticism of nature and the wild indoors to play, mixing the whole sophisticated dishes with an extraordinary interior.

The place is open every day of the week going from 4 PM onwards, nested at the heart of SCBD, Jakarta. Lucy In The Sky has once again proved its worth, enhancing their already success history with another glorious change-up.

Lucy In The Sky Revamped into the Rich Tropical Bohemian Experience
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