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Marketplays Indonesia is a curated online marketplace that specializes in promoting thousands of unique and potential local craftsmanship products and urban lifestyle brands. Their appreciation on Indonesian creative entrepreneurs has constructed their vision to bring global recognition for various local products like leather goods, natural dye, woodworks, ceramics, and fashion, in order to prove that local products have what it takes to compete internationally.

To welcome the 4th celebration of Hari Belanja Online Nasional (HARBOLNAS), Marketplays has prepared series of offers and promotions for customers. Starting from 12th December until 16th December, 300 products from 40 local artisans are ready to be sold. Customers can expect to earn discount up to 50%, which they claim as the biggest discount throughout their HARBOLNAS promotion over the years, and other facilities from Marketplays such as free shipping cost and payment installment from BCA and Kredivo. Purchase can be done through their website here.

Marketplays Indonesia Welcoming Hari Belanja Online Nasional 2016
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