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At the moment, rainwear products are only seen as a functional product and it has been part of Indonesia citizen’s culture. However, Bandung-based brand Ame Raincoat believes that a rainwear products do not have to be just functional while sacrificing its aesthetic values; its collections mostly offers an eclectic mix which successfully ties in elements of both form and function at the same time. Its conceptualization stems from the culture and climate of Japan. You can spot that a lot of Ame’s silhouettes feature vibrant colors that can be worn all year round with slightly oversized fits and relaxed construction.

The Bandung imprint continue to demonstrates its expertise in rainwear by releasing a collection dubbed as “Authentic Series”. The introduction of this collection expand the brand’s core aesthetic while also staying true to the stylish and highly waterproof silhouettes on which it has built its name. Tailored by some of the highest level of weather protection available on the market, each garment are constructed in a “hard-shell” outer material, snap button, and a breathable cotton fabrics interior. The simple and clean looks is served to satisfy the users while the design fuses function and style – all wrapped in a clean Japanese aesthetics and also dominated by an eye-catching color range of yellow, red, and blue. The rain-gear is now available to be purchased on its website or peep another options on Instagram.

Ame Raincoat's Authentic Series Collection Sure Will Keep You Stylish And Well-Covered
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