It is commonly known that thrift stores are the go to destinations if you want to satisfy your shopping craves while on a tight budget. Yet, if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own homes to go thrift shopping, these online thrift stores might be helpful. The rising trend of online thrift stores are pretty noticeable especially on Instagram.

From the endless scroll on Insta, we found approximately hundreds or even thousands of online thrift stores which offer abundant variations of products. Starting from the most recent fashion items, vintage, to collectibles, toys, even gadgets. It is like there is a new thrift store on Instagram everyday. Therefore, we recommend these five Instagram-based thrift stores where you can find products that are still decently good while the prices are reasonably low.

1. @Bajubekas_oke – Yogyakarta

The first store mainly sells a variety of fashion products. You can find cool graphic t-shirts, classic denim jackets, rugged parkas and bombers, sporty tracksuits, socks, and even underwear with prices less than IDR 200k. Yes, you can find a trucker denim jacket with faux fur collar accent for IDR 170k or a four pocket parka for IDR 140k. The products’ condition looks great as all products have been washed and don’t have that nasty used look on them.

2. / @Bensde_ – Cilegon

They first started out as @Bensde_ but recently launched a second account which is Their specialty product is the countless amount of plaid flannel shirts. With price tag of IDR 130k for all shirts, it is a relatively great deal considering how ridiculously pricey plaid flannel shirts on retail stores. The variations of the plaid patterns are a lot and big sizes (XL-XXL) are available. Other than plaid shirts, they also sell snapbacks, baseball caps, jackets, and tracksuits.

3. @Awowow_ – Sidoarjo

This account is probably suitable for you who like vintage decorations and accessories. Aside from selling some classic jackets such as leather jackets, bombers, and tiny sunglasses, the vintage decorative stuffs are interestingly appealing and reasonably priced. You can find rotary phones, old-fashion briefcases, table lamps, typewriters, fortune cat statues, alarm clocks, and many more which can enliven the environment of your living spaces.

4. @The_workingclass – Malang

For those of you Dr. Martens enthusiasts who are looking for vintage Docmarts, this might be the right place to shop. Many of Dr. Martens’ classic models are there with price tags under IDR 1 million. Conditions are also spanning from the almost-like-new with minor defects until the rugged and heavily worn shoes who got their own distinctive charms to the Docmart fans.

5. @Garvin_toys – Jakarta

Bringing many nostalgic toys and gadgets from our childhood, @garvin_toys are here to provide you with Gameboys, Nintendo DS, Nokia N-Gage, walkman, Motorola Razr, vintage iPods, analog cameras, character figurines, Hotwheels, and many stuffs from the 90s to early 2000s. Prices are relatively cheap with no items are higher than IDR 1 million. Hence, if you want to relive the old memories, you can buy the stuffs here.

Five Great Online Thrift Stores to Go to if You are on a Tight Budget
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