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Jakarta based Bareskin was formed in 2015, presenting the impression of effortless beauty by designing a top-notch clothing with comfort and convenience in mind. They focus on the detail, which is precisely executed to accentuate the prominent profile of women’s body. Inspired by the combination of fashion and architecture as their background, they strive to innovate a compilation of structurized clothes.

After one year of hiatus, Bareskin returned stronger than ever with new ideas of comfort and easiness of living in such a tropical paradise. They bring notion of freedom and powerful touch on clothing as women’s second skin for their daily activities by offering easiness, simplicity and edginess. Find out more about them and their latest Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Transparency which was released earlier this year on their Instagram Page. Also stay sharp for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 expected to launch early next year.

Bareskin Combines Fashion and Architecture to Reflects Effortless Beauty
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