Elhaus released the Ensemble Fall/Winter 2017 on November 2017 during Brightspot Market 2017. It is a new step the brand had to take in order to express their evolution throughout the ages. They resolved to utilize some performance fabrics such as extra light micro denim, three-layered shell fabric, Kendo-gi material, Digi-boro fabric and the signature camouflage patterns with nylon webbing and custom prints to accentuate the whole collection.

With this release, they persist to deliver the vintage, conventional garment back into modern staple wear. The new technical aspects embedded within all the pieces show how the clothing are made for purposeful daily activities. One of the key pieces is the Shepherd Jacket Ridge 3L. Constructed with the micro rip-stop three-layered shell, the piece is made for outdoor purposes. Thanks to the breathable fabric, it protects you from cold wind and heavy rain yet still feels cool and comfortable to wear. The jacket comes in three different colorways and most of them are already sold out, so you might want to secure yours by hopping on to their website.

Elhaus Explores Brand-new Garment and Material with Their Ensemble Collection
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