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Modifying a regular five panel with a couple of flaps, we were quite surprised by the rather unconventional design. Our initial thought was flaps aren’t necessarily a thing in a tropical country like Indonesia. Nevertheless, as we got the product, we must say MAST managed to get the job done as a low-key statement piece.

Using denim as the main fabric, the material and the base five panel construction seem pretty solid. The denim feels thin and relatively breathable as some of the pores are slightly visible. A good point to tackle the Indonesian heat and sunray. The flaps aren’t designated to protect the ears from cold weather, but it is to protect them from unwanted objects.

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The velvet-wrapped flaps do cover most of the ears and unexpectedly slightly make them feel warm, but we wish the flaps are longer as a small part of the bottom ear is still exposed. This gives us a weird feeling to it. Apart from this minor issue, everything is no complain.

And please take note of the cautionary tag attached to the hat when you get it, as it gives you a warning about the risk of discoloration and shrinking prevention. A great attention to detail. The hat is available in three shades – black, red, and cream for RP140.000. Go order ‘em by visiting their webstore here.

MAST Flap Cap Denim Hands-on Review: A Distinctively Simple Hat
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