Launched as their 6th anniversary celebration program, put out a new service titled Unlimited. Summarizing the system, the service basically lets you to borrow clothes from their inventory. You pay IDR 399.000 per month and as exchange you get three pieces per transaction.

You can keep the clothes as long as you want until you decide to return it and moving onto the next batch of items. Return shipping cost is free and so does the laundry as LocalBrand will laundered it for you. Then, if at some point you want to keep the clothes, you can buy them at a special price as a member of the Unlimited program.


Well, from a glance let’s just first appreciate for this program as it is somehow an innovation from them. It has the potential to hit an entirely new demographic of customers while promoting the 55+ local brands under their wings.

Nonetheless, when breaking down the program itself, we cannot help but wonder, as we approach the year of 2018 and customers’ mindsets are getting more mature, we don’t think it is relevant to rent everyday clothes. Especially when you can simply buy it with much less effort than luxury items.

Renting designer clothes or luxury fashion items in general are not a strange business. There are a lot of renting vendors but most of them usually rent luxury items like tuxedos, dresses, gowns, or uber expensive handbags for special occasions such as black tie events.

However, LocalBrand decided to rent out daily wears where the price tags aren’t necessarily expensive and relatively affordable to general customers. Thenceforth, ideal? Hmm… not quite there yet.


As the program is clearly targeted for women, we are fully aware that this might be their answer to women who want to look different everyday. Instantly boasting the versatility of their wardrobes and clothes collections, for a budget of course. Nevertheless, it looks too superficial and meaningless for us just to borrow clothes just to make you seem like you own many clothes.

Because as a concept, it doesn’t necessarily help the women to expand their wardrobes legitimately. Frankly, it is just giving them illusion about the size of their wardrobes. We believe in the power of fashion investment. To expand our wardrobes, we aim great pieces of items, we save some money, and we buy them.

Definitely not an instant process but it gives you a satisfactory feeling that you have worked hard enough to earn your fashion. Fashion is a lifetime process and there is no fast track. A great wardrobe is definitely a life goal, hence make the fulfillment of the goal worth the effort.

In terms of blacklisting the customers who don’t return the rented clothes, we got an info that LocalBrand only blacklist the addresses. Hence, the system seems flawed as the possibility of them changing the addresses are apparent.

We highly expect something much more from in the near future. As one of the first local brand e-commerces, they sure have many real potentials and resources in their possession, ready to be unleashed to expand the local industry even further. It is only the matter of sanity and mindful planning and execution of programs.

Unlimited by Why Rent when You Can Actually Buy?
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