International diva Celine Dion is set to perform in Jakarta on July 7th 2018 at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, West Java. As her first concert in Indonesia, Indonesians fans are both thrilled and excited. It is until they saw the official ticket prices. The mind-boggling price starts from IDR 1.500.000 until IDR 25.000.000 and Indonesian netizens being Indonesian netizens, the reactions are somehow sidesplitting.

Some were complaining on social media, but most of them did what they are very good at, making memes. Memes were started to overflow on the timeline moments after the release of the prices.

Commenting the reactions, promoter PK Entertainment, AEG Present, and Sound Rhythm explained that the prices have been agreed both by them and Celine’s management. Both parties have take into account several aspects such as venue capacity ratio and production cost. If money is no object and you are a die-hard Team Celine, you can visit for further info.

Celine Dion to Perform in Jakarta Amidst the Jaw Dropping Ticket Prices
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