Pargata was founded around November 2016 and focusing in reinterpreting modern concepts by means of traditional processes. Each of their articles has its own identity that was entrancingly presented through its design. Pargata uses ATBM (Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin) to produce their goods. Then, it is manually hand-weaved by local craftsmen.

Their collections focus heavily on indigo-dyed handwoven fabrics that were shaped into several goods, such as jackets, caps and also the notable piece ‘Lancingan wabash’ pants. The pants itself is constructed with 14oz natural dyed handwoven wabash fabric with gold line selvedge. They also did a collaboration with Surabaya-based Verne Leather to produce a limited edition sling bag called ‘Cangkingan Kulit Wabash’, which was exclusively released at Wall of Fades 2017. See their complete lookbook and catalog here.

Pargata Reinterprets Modern Concepts with Traditional Process
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