Ensuring the babies’ tiny feet and legs comfortable yet still look adorable at the same time is what Pyopp is designed for. Founded in 2016, Pyopp starts off with an thorough research on baby and toddler’s physical condition to finally yield a footwear that can help them develop coordination and balance.

To guarantee the baby’s natural foot development and also the protection they need, the brand implemented the barefoot shoes pattern, utilizing soft soles and breatheable leather for the upper materials.

The suede soft sole will make the babies easier to learn walking by giving them the accessibility to flex their feet as they try to grab the ground while bending their leg. It also gives better traction so the babies will not slip over time. On the other hand, the supple leather will stretch over time, adapting to the baby’s foot. The breathable material also banish the possibility of odors and bacteria to appear on your baby’s chubby little feet. See their range of various footwear comprising of chukkas and moccasins as well as complementary socks on their webstore.

Pyopp Constructs Comfortable Bearfoot Shoes for Your Babies
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