Following the release of the Browcara, Rollover Reaction is back with a new product that still focuses on eye beauty. Glazed! Liquid Eyetint, is an all-new liquid eye tint that provides customizable intensity topped with smooth blending liquidness that slides flowingly over your eyelids, making it easier for you to apply it.

Glazed! Liquid Eyetint comes individually or in complete Les Bijoux Edition set, housing five jewel-inspired hues made with dandily powdered glints with smooth and buttery sense. Colors including Corrine, Olive, Gemma, Aria, and Amber, all attentively picked to dispense a wide spectrum of hues that fit perfectly on every occasion. Head over to the website as the product is already available starting January 19th.

Rollover Reaction is Back with Another Eye Beauty Product: Glazed! Liquid Eyetint
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