To celebrate the Margarita Day on February 22nd, some of Jakarta’s neighboring pubs are creating their own kind of beverages for the first-ever Margarita celebration in Indonesia Cuervo Margarita Festival. The bartenders from said pubs are experimenting to yield a perfect blend of margarita with any other exquisite ingredients to yield an iconic signature cocktail, such as Savoi’s Golden Kyuri Margarita made with mojito mint syrup, a mixture of elderflower and egg white for De Luca’s Forbidden Kiss as well as Lucy in the Sky’s Daisy Margarita consisting of Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado, grapefruit juice, fresh lime and homemade Spice Honey topped with homemade Grapefruit Soda to name a few.

Cuervo Margarita Festival started from February 12th until 25th, with bars participating including Lucy in the Sky, De Luca, Savoi, Wilshire, Por Que No, Super Loco, Ismaya’s Publik Markette and also Bali’s own Rock Bar. Be sure to try them all, one drink per day every day throughout this week.

Celebrate the Margarita Day with Cuervo Margarita Festival Throughout This Week
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