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Established in early 2018, Sukku Collective is a fashion-brand with boro-sashiko technique as their base mainstay, specializing in meticulously detailed jeans collection. Acutely inspired by the Japanese traditional aesthetic wabi-sabi, they flaunt the concept of “perfection through imperfection” to their every piece of their products. Moreover, Sukku also desires to embrace talented artisans to further enhance the hand-stitch craftsmanship as the brand believes with what they envision in their philosophy.

With a humble dedication to revealing the beauty and experience of hand-stitch artworks, Sukku Collective pulls their string for their debut collection entitled ‘Earnest’. The gamut of items consists of three exceptional jeans adorned with distinctive patch materials and thoughtfully-designed sashiko, as they wish to link a great feeling when they finally able to convey the story of the artisan who made their goods. See their goods on their feed and give them a follow.

Sukku Collective’s “Earnest” is Inspired by The Stories of Wabi-sabi
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