Last week–September 7th 2018 to be exact, the music world lost another trap musical genius, Mac Miller. Accidental drug overdose took his life away and the tragic death shocks many people even until now, he was only 26 years old. Mac was known for battling severe depression and drugs and alcohol addiction as it was amplified by his very public lifestyle and exposure. Our neighbour which is also a fan, Rula Savira (@rulasavira__) has made this tribute playlist for Mac. He is known for his storytelling approach in making songs and his most recent songs reportedly reflect his struggle over the past few years.

However, one problem which makes the circumstance to be even more upsetting is the unnecessary hate the internet constantly throw at his ex, pop singer Ariana Grande. Many trolls blame Ariana for breaking up with him, which according to them caused Mac’s addiction to be worsened and ended up like this. Blaming someone for the death of another person is never going to be alright and it is a toxic behaviour. This playlist is dedicated to remember his musical legacy and let us send our prayers. #RestInPower, Mac.

#NEIGHBOURTUNES Vol. 23: Tribute to Mac Miller
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