Three years in the business, Public Culture launches their first ever loyalty program named ‘Members Only’. The membership implements point accumulation system, where they will receive 10 points for every IDR 10.000 transaction at their Jakarta and Bandung flagship stores. As members, loyal customers will receive several exclusive perks, gifts, benefits, and birthday treats. These benefits are:

1. Members are eligible for 10% discounts for every purchase made 7 days before and after their birthdays.
2. Members get 10% discounts for every 500 points accumulated.
3. Friends and family exclusive items through point redemption
4. Member-exclusive deals and events
5. Get invited to attend PC’s exclusive events
6. Early bird access to new collections (in-store purchase within a week before collection is released)
7. Member-exclusive zines.

An in-store purchase worth of IDR 1.000.000 accumulated in three months is the main requirement to join the membership. Members will get 500 PC points when the card has been activated. They can get IDR 10.000 cashback for every 100 points redeemed with minimum redemption of 500 pts and maximum of 2.500 pts. Drop by to the flagship stores to apply your membership, also you can purchase their latest collection ‘Anger Management’ online.

Public Culture Treats Loyal Customers with Initial Loyalty Program, 'Members Only'
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