A friendly reminder to fellow Jakartans, starting on October 1st, Polda Metro Jaya with the assistance of Dinas Perhubungan DKI Jakarta will start the trial for Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (E-TLE) at Sudirman – Thamrin street. Multiple high definition CCTVs have been alerted to capture drivers who break traffic rules and regulations. Here are some of the most common regulations, which must be obliged by all drivers:

1. Obeying road markings and signs.
2. Wearing seatbelt.
3. Not using mobile phone while driving.
4. Driving according to speed limit.
5. Driving on the designated line (by not driving on a dedicated line for other vehicles or driving against the current line).
6. Being mindful of the maximum capacity of vehicles.
7. Not running a red light.
8. Following the safety driving instruction.

When captured, violators will receive electronic proofs and ticket regarding their violations and required to pay the fine (maximum of IDR 500.000) in two weeks time to Bank Rakyat Indonesia account. If violators forget or refuse to pay, their vehicle registrations (STNK) will be terminated automatically. A site has been prepared, so drivers can input their registration numbers and check whether they have violations or not. Big hopes for the system to work smoothly and traffic violations can be lowered.

Polda Metro Jaya Imposes Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement Trial on October 1st
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