Well known for their series of music showcases and gigs, LOKATARA steps up their game and soon will be conducting their first ever music festival, ‘LOKATARA Music Festival 2018’ Headlining are four international and ten local independent musicians, sharing the stage at Kuningan City Ballroom on November 23rd. Some of these musicians are Boy Pablo, Yung Heazy, Ardhito Pramono, Mondo Gascaro, Polka Wars, The Trees and The Wild, and Horse Planet.

A series of pre-events had been conducted previously in Jakarta and Bandung, which include the Lokatara Project last July and their intimate solo concert, Lokatara Live with two international musicians Phum Viphurit and Lamp. Apart from the music, there will be a movie corner, mural area, karaoke box, and food and beverages tenants on the spot. FAQs and other information can be found on their Instagram.

LOKATARA to Conduct Their First Ever Music Festival, 'LOKATARA Music Festival 2018'
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