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As one of the participating local brands at Urban Sneaker Society 3.0, UNTOLD is collaborating with one of USS 3.0’s sponsors Heineken to launch their collaboration collection, ‘Back to the Core’. The two brands themselves share a history since they have collaborated before for last year’s USS. For the products, they have prepared a t-shirt and hoodie, which will be available to purchase at USS this week.

Apart from the collection drop, UNTOLD also will raffle 10 Converse Chuck Taylor 70s High Black Egret and 2 Tag Heuer watches. Buy any UNTOLD products at the event and you will receive a green raffle ticket (eligible for the Converse) and up your spending to IDR 500.000 and you will get the red raffle ticket (eligible for the Tag Heuer). The raffle will be conducted on the last day, November 11th so make sure to come to USS 3.0.

UNTOLD to Drop Latest Collaboration Collection with Heineken at USS 3.0
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