Wall of Fades has reached a new milestone of their journey as ‘The Largest Denim Exhibition in Southeast Asia’ as this year’s event is Darahkubiru’s tenth event since their humble beginning in 2008. Titled ‘A Decade of Work’, one of the many highlights is the 10 Brand Collaborations with participating Indonesian brands. The tenth year momentum is also used by them to release the first issue of Darahkubiru Magazine. They are also bringing two international denim icons; Ruedi Karrer a.k.a Swissjeansfreak and Robin Meijerink of Robin Denim.

A range of activities and events have been prepared for the visitors, which include outfit contest, multiple workshops, and talk shows, musical performances, and WOF’s ‘Pasar Kaget’. Wall of Fades 2018 will be held on November 29th – December 2nd at Kuningan City 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gourmet Floor. Find the complete schedule on their Instagram, also go to Darahkubiru for more information about WOF18.

Wall of Fades 2018 Embraces 'A Decade of Work' through the Upcoming Event
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