Enduring 16 years of career period in Indonesia’s music industry, White Shoes and The Couples Company has transformed into an enigma, a name associated with adroit musical performances, characterful members, and signature fashion sense. Accompanied by a large base of fanship, they are crossing multi-generational listeners, maintaining relevancy and position in the harsh and constantly changing market and most significantly, visible authenticity in their musical tones and fashion styles.

We had the chance and honour to talk with them and unveil their secret recipes to maintain their relevancy as a band, the stories behind their unbreakable bonds, and their formulas of pulling out their looks.

“This (White Shoes and The Couples Company) is a job, but we are constantly having fun while doing it.”

Being a band member is considered to be a professional job, as they are implementing values and work ethics of a professional musician. Each personnel has a day job of their own, nonetheless, White Shoes and The Couples Company is an outlet to fuel their burning urge of exploration, particularly musical exploration.

Their musical career isn’t driven by commercial success ambition. This fundamental, combined with qualified methods and ‘never expect anything mindset’ stimulate the enjoyment and unbreakable focus in crafting consistent and well-produced music. Securing their relevancy and secure their lengthy existence in the music industry and expanding their demographics from various age, profession, and educational backgrounds.

(Mela and Sari wear UNIQLO Women EZY Ankle Pants)

“We don’t spend our times wondering what the market wants us to do, but we squeeze our minds to discover how to create something interesting that we haven’t created.”

This diverse demographic has also become WSATCC’s motivation to continuously adapting to the ever-changing industry, obviously with their style. They closely analyze the shift of culture, listeners’ behaviour, and other external dynamics, which are implemented into the creative music producing process.

On the other hand, technical aspects of the music industry such as segmentation, genre, sales, and other calculative determinants don’t bother them much. Their natural passion and devotion to music exceed those aspects and ensuring White Shoes’ authenticity. Everything comes naturally, unforced, and gradually as they are continuously evolving as a music group.

“Take it slow, just like metal when it is being forged aligned, it will transform into a magnet. At first, the magnet doesn’t have much power, but as it is continued to be forged, the magnetic strength is getting more powerful.”

Apart from their distinguishable music style, WSATCC’s fashion style is also something worth mention. Consistency also defines their styles. Their clothes are almost always coordinated in similar themes and accentuated by the signature white shoes. Their style philosophy is comfortability, which matters the most to all personnel. Their presences and energetic moves on stage are well supported if their wardrobes are comfortable as it makes them feel good about themselves.

Every member knows their personal style very well and it is the reason why they don’t spend much time deciding which style to flaunt. Because what the audiences see on stage is a reflection of their consistent styles, dating back to their first album.

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“No matter how expensive clothes is, if it isn’t comfortable, the value will be diminished. It is far better to wear an affordable piece of clothing and we feel elegant afterwards. That feeling is what money can’t buy.”

They are regularly rocking a variety of tops in different occasions. It revolves around patterned shirts, plain shirts, long sleeve tees, basic short sleeve t-shirts, cardigans, and all sort of jackets, however, the bottom wear is almost identical, which is ankle pants. This is when UNIQLO EZY Ankle Pants takes the part in supporting their favourite silhouettes.

It reminds the ladies of Audrey Hepburn’s classic ankle pants, which she wore in one of her movies, and the gentlemen like the versatility and the ability for them to flaunt shoes that they wear, particularly their signature and irreplaceable white shoes. A modest and all-purpose piece, ankle pants have been their clothing choices on and outside the stage. On stage, they can move freely and unconstrained and outside the stage, it is a proper day-to-night and multi-occasion pants, which is conveniently comfortable for them to soldier on.

White Shoes and The Couples Company is an exemplary figure on how musicians are able to go places, maintain their relevancies, and endure the test of time when they are true to themselves, their music, and their styles. Being passionate about what they do and only focus on making great music without the need to bother with industry’s expectations and demands.

White Shoes and The Couples Company Talks About Authenticity in Music and Fashion
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