Axe Indonesia You Body Spray
Axe Indonesia Deodorant Roll On Performance
Axe Indonesia Deodorant Roll On Urban
Axe Indonesia Deodorant Roll On Signature

Whenever you hear the word ‘AXE,’ their well-known body sprays are probably the first thing that comes into your mind. Just yesterday, AXE Indonesia have launched their breakthrough products which are three variants of 48 hours antiperspirant roll-on deodorants, AXE Urban, AXE Performance, and AXE Signature. Similar to their body sprays, each product has its own signature scents that resemble the personalities and spirits of the people that are using them, thus made to protect your style.

Not only roll-on deodorants, AXE Indonesia has also released their latest body spray, AXE You. Consists of several versatile ingredients which include amber, vanilla, citrus, and even black-pepper, they claim the spray will create an energizing flavor that is suitable for users with unique personalities. These new products have their own elements and descriptions which you can read only on their website, where you can also discover their current campaign.

AXE Indonesia Rolls a New Set of Products
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