On the night of June 21st 2014, a mass of 11.000 plus glowing runners came to run and dance to the cool and unique event called ELECTRO RUN™. It is the first sportainment experience organized by Ismaya Live and MesaRace and offers a five-kilometer race at night and celebrated with artistic lights and musical entertainment in 4 different Electro Zones along the racetrack. This event is also sponsored by many of the parties involved in one of which is the leading Asian bank, BCA.

Along with those, thousands of people who participated in the evening are equipped with unique attribute of custom glow in the dark uniforms, LED bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, headbands, and other knick knacks. The participants of ELECTRO RUN™ also came from various backgrounds and ages, not only Indonesian citizens but also foreigners participate in this event.

Musical entertainment at the end of the event also filled by a number of musicians and popular bands such as Alexa, Midnight Quickie, DJ Dipha Barus, DJ Yasmin, and DJ Cheryl. Through its website, Ismaya Live also announced that they will bring back ELECTRO RUN™ with a similar concept but with more exciting content. For more information, you can visit the official website address at electro-run.com.

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