Indonesia is a big, great nation. It is an archipelago comprising 13.466 islands and has a lot of children with great potential. Those statement is somewhat the main headline for Andibachtiar Yusuf‘s latest movie “Garuda 19: Semangat Membatu“. The film is adapted from the same book titled “Semangat Membatu” written by author FX Rudy Gunawan and Guntur Utomo. It highlights the process of improving the quality of Indonesian football, especially those teenagers who play for Indonesia’s U-19 football team. The film is played by Yusuf Mahardika, Mathias Muchus, Ibnu Jamil, Reza Aditya, Mandala Shoji, Puadin Redi, Verdi Solaiman, Amanda Ayunda, Bilqis Utari, Rendy Ahmad, and Gazza Zubizareta. “Garuda 19: Semangat Membatu” will be aired simultaneously in selected theaters starting on October 9th 2014.

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