“3 Nafas Likas” is an Indonesian film produced by Oreima Films and directed by the best director in Indonesian Film Festival 2013 (Piala Citra), Rako Prijanto who famous for his film Sang Kiai, Ungu Violet, and D’Bijis. It is also based on a script written by Titien Watimena and features fellow movie stars such as Atiqah Hasiholan, Vino G. Bastian, Tuti Kirana, Marissa Anita, and Mario Irwinsyah. This film was shot in several cities in North Sumatra, Jakarta, and Ottawa in Canada for approximately two months.

On April 22nd 2014 during a celebration ahead of the filming, the film producer explained that “3 Nafas Likas” is a film based on the true story of a woman named Likas Tarigan, who lately became known as Likas Gintings, wife of Lieutenant general Djamin Gintings. The real Likas is still alive and she is 90 years old. At the same occasion, it was also announced that the film project can be realized with the approval from Djamin Gintings family.

Along with those approval, one of the children of Djamin Gintings and Likas Gintings, Riahna Djamin Gintings also taken the executive producer role for this film. She who represent the Gintings family, said that the film “3 Nafas Likas” is a special gift and dedicated for her parents. She also said that the film is not just a story about a family, but a universal story that could be accepted by all people. For more information about this film, feel free to follow their Facebook account here.

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